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9 Buttons – Smart & Creative Logic Puzzle

9 Buttons – Smart & Creative Logic Puzzle

Test your brain with our challenging mind puzzle! The concept of Nine Buttons is you have to answer our brain puzzles by turning on the buttons correctly. There are 30 levels and various questions and puzzles to solve. Some are similar to IQ test questions, some are Math questions, but most of the puzzles are creative, unique, and playful. You really have to think outside the box to be able to answer all brain teasers you find. We won’t leave you in the dark. We provide Hints and even Solutions where you can see the correct brain dots answers.

Why do you people love to do some brain exercise? We love doing fun challenging things. Smart people always find some ways to push themselves and their cognitive ability to keep them sharp and ready. There are so many brain puzzles and mind puzzles in the Appstore. Some of them resemble iQ tests, other indie games are more creative and playful. Our mission is to create an awesome brain exercise mind puzzle that will entertain you and keeping you sharp. Just because it’s a brain exercise, doesn’t mean that it’s boring. On the contrary! Aside from being smart, you also have to learn to think outside the box to be able to answer all the brain teasers you find. Some of these questions and answers will surely surprise you! Can you answer solve all the brain teasers without peeking at our Hints or Solution? Brain it on and accept this challenge now!



The game concept is very simple: there are nine buttons and you have to press to turn on some of them in correct places to answer the questions. However, the questions are challenging, even if you think you’re a smart person.


People naturally love to solve mind puzzles. That is why people love brain exercise or brain training apps so much. Once you figure out the answer to a couple of our puzzles, you will be eager to solve more!


We have created 30 creative and unique riddles. The mind puzzles might look like typical IQ tests but some of them are more than usual brain teasers. You really have to put on your thinking cap and think outside the box!


We know that some puzzles might feel like impossible to solve even for people with superior cognitive ability. When you feel you are at the end of your rope, you can take a peek on our Hints and even Solutions. Then you can turn on the right brain dots and move on to the next questions.


We pride ourselves that our game is unlike any other brain exercise or brain puzzles. We love to create creative and playful games to satisfy our users. If you’re bored with yet another room escape puzzle, hidden object, or other similar brain training games, try our Nine Buttons. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Ready to accept our challenge? Brain it on and test your brain now!


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