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Dance Buddy FaceCam Sing Dance - Free

Dance Buddy FaceCam Sing Dance - Free

You can record your dance , sing and share the video music clip with your friends easily. You can use "YOUR" face or switch the camera and record "friend's face" on the 3D Character Buddy dancing for YOU! Dance Buddy records your face in real time and puts it on a dancing buddy.

How does Dance Buddy work?
After opening the app, tap the Select Buddy button to start customizing the scene. Here are what you can change:
Character: There are so many dancing characters to select from. You just need to browse through the dancers and choose the character based on your current mood and occasion.

Here are some of them: Boxer, Diver, Green Goblin, Maid, Swat Cop, Santa Claus, Santa Girl, Blue Girl, Chibby Girl, Chibby Santa Girl, School Girl, Clakky the Skeleton, Cute Witch, Good baby, Big Head Fighter, Pink Bunny.

Mr. Cat and many many more.. Dance: Here you can specify the dance type. Available dance types are: Hip Hop, Funny, Crazy, Jazzy, Salsa, Belly, Samba, and Zombie.

Stage: Where would you like to dance? Here are the stages you can dance on: Basketball, Be the Star, Hexagon, Disco Cubes, Galaxy, The Cube, Bubbles, Space Ship, and Parking Lot.

Music: And before getting started, you need to select the music you want to be played. From Oriental Jingle Bells and Deck the Halls Rock to OMFG – Hello and The Cutest Milkshake and a lot more. After selecting the character, dancing type, stage and the music, press Start and you will see your face on the character’s body. 

The Dancing Buddy app will track your face in real-time from your device’s camera to add the live video effect. The result will be a funny video clip, featuring you dancing with music on a stage.Once you are done dancing, simply Stop Recording and save your dancing video. You can either watch your fun dance or share it with family and friends.

And don’t forget about changing the camera’s angel while dancing. It can be either done automatically or manually by touching the screen.

Tip 1: For a more realistic and accurate result, make sure to keep your phone directly in front of your face and get the light source in front of you. If you do so, the app will identify your face and track it more efficiently.

Tip 2: If you have no idea, how you would like to dance, simply try the Random Dance feature and we will provide a fun character on the scene for you. 

Tip 3: You can either use the front camera (selfie camera) or the rear camera (main camera) to capture faces. The app will automatically detect the face and will track it accordingly. You can surprise your friends by secretly recording their faces and show them the generated dancing video clip. Imagine how they would react when seeing themselves dancing.

Dance Buddy: Live Face Video Main Features:
• Create fun dancing videos with real time video effects
• Live video effects (selfie effects)
• Tracks your face to deliver a pleasant experience
• Automatic or manual camera angle change
• Lots of dancing characters to choose from (It suits for any moods)
• Different fun dancing types
• Easy to learn user interface
• Earn free gems to unlock characters, dancing types and stages
• Share your recorded videos

Dance Buddy is for those who want to have some fun moments with friends and family. Simply select your dancing buddy, the stage, the dancing type, the music, and let the party begins. The app is completely free to download, and most of the features can be accessed for free. But for some characters, dances, and stages you need to spend some gems. Always make sure to check the Free Gems section, as you can increase your gems for free from there. 

We love to hear from you. Your ideas, bug reports and feature requests are always welcomed.



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