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Dating outside the box

Dating Outside the Box helps you immediately take online dating offline. By using video profiles in addition to pictures, potential daters are able to know more about a person in 30 seconds rather than hours of chatting. DOTB helps you find people now in your area to have coffee, drinks, or dinner with.

**Just Dates**
DOTB allows you to search for a potential dates in your area. View a video profile. And, instantly ask the person out without endlessly chatting back and forth.

**Keep it Real. See a Video**
Pictures are old. Videos are not. Video profiles help you see the full personality of a person before you invest time in meeting them.

After all, 93% of communication is non-verbal. Watch and you will see the difference.

**Ask or Be Asked**
Ask someone out to your favorite place or be asked out to your favorite place. DOTB allows for people to instantly meet up at the best time.



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