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Feedpresso News Reader

Feedpresso lets you read stories from major news outlets automatically curated to your taste.
With Feedpresso, you can consume news from multiple sources without being overwhelmed with information, as it analyses the articles you read and finds news articles based on your reading history, only the news that you are interested in. Our algorithms automatically find you latest content based on your own personal profile. It works on any source in any language.
For example, if you often read about ice hockey, the app will show you more ice hockey-related articles and stories about other sports, such as football, will be weighted down.

• It saves your time: All news from your favourite sources in one place. No need to keep going through multiple websites.
• It is getting better every day: With swiping, you can quickly and easily teach Feedpresso about your reading preferences.
• Discover new sources: Feedpresso uses Artificial Intelligence to recommend you blogs, news sites and other relevant sources you didn’t know about.
• Read anywhere: Bookmark articles to read them even without internet connection.


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