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Handsfree Player for YouTube

Handsfree Player for YouTube is a new free Android app with a smart voice search engine that gives users hands free access to all of YouTube. Just talk to the app and it instantly finds and autoplays the most relevant music track or video.
The app gives you instant hands free access to the YouTube content you are looking for, without you having to lift a finger. This is especially true if you could home in on the exact song or video you want. Just say “Hey listen…Cold Water” and Justin Bieber’s latest hit autoplays in less than a second. As people’s attention span is getting shorter with an ever increasing expectation of instant gratification, fewer swipes and taps is a good thing whether your hands are busy or not.

Handsfree Player for YouTube isn’t just for playing music on YouTube, you can also watch videos on YouTube with the same voice-enabled, instant hands free access.

The app has a few other cool features that users will appreciate too. Users can create their own Favorites playlist of music, podcasts or videos. And if you are not sure what to watch and just want to be entertained, there’s always the crowd pleaser, YouTube’s latest Trending Videos. Binge users beware, the app will autoplay trending videos one after another until stopped. The app also boasts a “neat and refreshingly clean user interface” with a familiar look to make new users feel at home. And just in case you need it, there is the text search option to fall back on.

The developers are constantly improving the app and adding new features. One of the latest cool new features is a floating pop-up which allows users to effectively minimize the app but still see a small floating popup of the video and listen to their favorite music whilst doing other things on their phone.


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