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Hidden object forgotten place

Hidden object forgotten place - This is a completely free classic game in the genre "Search for items", "I'm looking for." During the game you will travel around the world. You will look for hidden objects in abandoned places, in different corners of the planet.

If you want to become a real detective or like logic games, puzzles, then download this free application and go on a journey to the abandoned places of the planet.
Welcome to the lost world. Complete all these wonderful "puzzle games" and become the most adventurous traveler.

If you like old quests "adventure games" hidden objects or more free games "search for hidden objects" and games for children, do not hesitate, because the Hidden Objects forgotten place has everything you need !. Carefully consider the abandoned place and find everything Items that are on your list. You need to try to cope with the task for a small amount of time. Pass the colorful levels and score as many points as possible!
A forgotten place is a game in the genre of Search for Items.
Start playing now and see for yourself. New free games hidden objects - especially for all lovers of mysticism and abandoned places.

Download Games on Android ™ and the searches begin.

 Start your incredible adventures, which will be remembered for a long time.
The game is great for children, develops dexterity and mindfulness. If you like to search for hidden objects, then this game is created for you!

Welcome to the abandoned places!

Free Game Objects Search 2017

In the game you are expected:

More than 1500 items for search
Stunning HD graphics
Text mode
Shadow mode
Use the hint to find items
Pleasant music;
Receiving awards for achievements
Find the item, go through the current level to unlock the next one

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