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Kazukiki Friends

The Kazukiki's friendship was put to the test when, during one of the expeditions, their ship crashed near a tropical island. The separated Kazuki are trying to find each other and find their way home. To do this, they must find all the magic items from the enchanted bridge on the island and reach the magical well.
It is not easy because a spell was cast on some Friends which made them malicious and they try their best to make the mission fail. Watch out for angry birds, which move barrels to different places on the Island.
Embark on a journey to discover new characters, and confront evil Kazukiki along the way.
Collect all the powerful items to free your friends from evil spells! 

- Explore a beautiful tropical island
- Avoid the evil Kazukiki
- Find hidden items
- Rescue all your friends

- Collect magical items hidden in barrels scattered throughout the island
- Every item to find appears at the magical bridge first
- Collect 5 crystals to unlock magic items
- Break coconut barrels carried by angry birds

- Gather all 4 Kazukiki lost on the magical bridge
- Choose your favourite Kazukiki to play with

- Run away from the evil black Kazukiki
- Collect coconut fruits and throw them at opponents to slow them down

- Hand painted stylized environment
- Real beautiful nature
- Real island adventure
- A lot of items to find
- Cool graphics
- Nice music
- Easy navigation (Joystick/Pad)

Kazukiki takes you on a magical adventure to spread the spirit of friendship.

Perfect to play for fans of a family games, fun games, action games.


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